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Announcement Card

Project Brief

Merger announcement card for the CEO of
New Century Planners.

Target Audience

Lawyers, Doctors, and Ultra-Affluent Individuals

Concept and Solutions

The card needed to be both an art piece individuals would want to keep and an announcement of the company’s merger. The client wanted his customers to feel special and to know that he would keep his original promise about the best quality customer service and products even after the merger. Because both companies reside in Chicago, Iconic buildings were used for the pop-up card. The colors on the pop-up card represent a sunset in Chicago. The pop-up card folds up and slides into a protective card, which has all the information about the merger. 

Inspiration for Chicago Buildings

I was tasked with finding Iconic buildings throughout Chicago that could be incorporated into the card.

Chi Pics.png

Sketches of Buildings


Comp and Layout—First

Comp and Layout First.png

Comp and Layout—Second

I needed to reduce the amount of detail for each building so we could reduce how much time spent lasering each piece so we could make the deadline and, in the process, cut the project cost.

Comp and Layout Second.png

Comp and Layout—Final for Production

Comp and Layout_Final for Production.png

Final Popup Card and Folder

Final Popup Card and Folder.png

Final Popup Card Sides

Final Popup Card Sides.png
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